The Homegrown Eateries and Pickings of Taif The Homegrown Eateries and Pickings of Taif

The Homegrown Eateries and Pickings of Taif

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Between the local kebda (liver sandwich) hut and the modern rustic inspired specialty coffee houses, Taif has grown to have a plethora of food offerings to satisfy most cravings. The city can also take pride in their local restaurateurs bringing new flavors into town: 


Bohoo Restaurant & Café

Launched in August of 2019, Bohoo was three years in the making. Wanting to share his passion for cooking and good food, Naif Alosaimi founded the restaurant and cafe with quality and authenticity in mind. With a finely-crafted menu, dining space, ingredients, and staff, Bohoo is a one-of-a-kind modern dining experience while still being affordable. We recommend the dry-aged steak.

Mabshoor Taif

Gastronomes travel from places as far off as Jeddah just to enjoy the sumptuous kebabs and juicy koftas that this famous restaurant in Taif offers. The warm and filling meat offerings here are just what one needs during a not so rare nippy night in Taif.

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 Tales Coffee (Hikaya)

The local specialty coffee scene is brewing and one of the best places to experience it in Taif is Tales. Local café culture is in full view here where coffee aficionados indulge in cold brews and some delicious crepes and waffles.

Osaimi Burger

The homegrown burger joint is Taif’s answer to big western burger franchises. Osaimi Burger has several branches in Taif, all of which are known for their scrumptious patty meals that are easy on the pocket too. 

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Harman Restaurant

Saleeg is a famous rice-based Hejazi dish that is distinguished for the copious use of milk in its preparation. Normally consumed during winter, Saleeg has often been an age-old Taifi favorite to combat the cold weather. Harman is a place that specializes in Saleeg; you’d definitely want to stop by it on your visit to Taif.

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Revolving Restaurant

Atop the Awaliv International Hotel skyscraper in downtown Taif is a restaurant that offers 360-degree panoramic views of the city.  Enjoy their buffet while you spot some of Taif’s iconic landmarks including the imposing Shubra Palace as the restaurant rotates on itself.

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Aroma Flower Lounge

This open-air lounge is lush with plants. As the de facto dessert capital of the mountain city, its rooftop outdoor seating area, perfect when cool breezes are blowing, is the ideal place to enjoy their subtly flavored saffron cake or lip-smackingly heavy baklava with a hot drink. Even on warm summer days, their indoor section is a great place to cool off with some ice-cream.

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