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Tanomah, the city that rests on the slopes of high mountains of Sarawat, is surrounded with mountain peaks of varying hights. This bright rich green city expands over the mountains with impeccable terraces, and a concentration of natural forests that are filled with different types of trees and heavy bushes, including the exquisite famous juniper pine trees with its lush shades distinctive pleasant smell.

The weather in Tanomah is moderate most of the year, which makes it a special tourist destination all year long along with its naturally diverse numerous parks.

Tanomah is just 125 km away from Abha by car via King Faisal Road.

Sky-high Trees


You are just moments away from discovering the natural wonders of Mahfar Park in Tanomah, where you can take some quiet calm time embracing nature in solitude, away from the hustling city, on a personal quest. Or, you can take a family trip under the lush shades and unique scents overwhelming the whole park.

Adrenaline filled adventures


Your mountain climbing experience awaits you in Alsharaf Park. So, come here and get your heart pumping fast 2200m above the sea level and enjoy the magical natural scenery. Don’t forget to capture the moment with photo-filled memories of the unique Tonomah’s mountain-tops and colorful landscapes.

Meditation in natural spaces


The open spaces in Salman Park form the ideal location to meditate and gaze on the spectacular mountainous terrain surrounding the place. You can sit back and relax with family and friends inside these surreal views to reconnect with the splendid delightful nature. 

Locally designed museums


Located inside an ancient traditionally build house, Heritage Village Museum in Tanomah, is composed of three stories filled with traditional pieces that reflect the culture and economics of its people over the ages. Just 45 km away from Abha, you will find Al Yanfa village, which is home to historical castles and ancient mosques.

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