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A Day Trip itinerary to enjoy this Red Sea, blue hues paradise

Azure Allure of Umluj

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Follow the meandering coast of Umluj as it leads you past secluded islands, crystal clear waters, and one of the very few inland lakes in the country. Umluj is easily accessible, yet less explored than other areas in the kingdom.



9:00 AM Island-Hop

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While many islands dot the long stretch of the western coast of Saudi Arabia, a great cluster of them can be found just off the northern coast of Umluj. Bob up and down on waves that gently lap against the shore, amble on the powdery sand, or just bask in the sun at one of the many secluded islands here.



1:00 PM Delve into Umluj’s Historic Heart

Umluj has been a historically important port and one can still stumble upon historic buildings near the older part of town. Saunter through the streets here whilst marveling at the old buildings, some with their original latticed windows intact. Don’t miss out on the Ancient Emirate Palace in the vicinity.



3:00 PM Take the Little Ones to The Play Area by the Beach

Let the little ones play to their fullest at one of the many children’s playing areas that can be found by the coastal King Abdullah Road.



5:00 PM Go Fishing

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The pristine waters that stretch along Umluj are abundant with marine life. Motorboats can be rented from the nearby port, which can take you deeper into the Red Sea. Remember to look out for where the seabirds gather as it will also be where the fishes are.



7:00 PM Watch the Sunset at Palm Lake

Located in the northern part of Umluj, a narrow strip of land separates the brine waters of the Palm Lake from the mesmerizing Red Sea. The place is not that popular with tourists so it is ideal for those who want to stay away from the larger crowds of Umluj’s beaches.

Palm Lake:

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9:00 PM Treat Yourself to a Seafood Feast

A trip to Umluj isn’t complete without a taste of its famed seafood offerings. The Al Balad area is home to several restaurants that offer fresh catches of the day, which are then fried, grilled, or even baked depending on your preference.

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