Must-Try Restaurants in Umluj

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Often referred to as the “Maldives of Saudi Arabia” Umluj is a small coastal town that boasts beautiful views and delicious seafood. Below are selected restaurants we recommend for your delight: 


Sead Seafood Restaurant

Known for serving fresh fish from the coast, this restaurant knows how to cook seafood the right way - with local favorite shellfish, crustaceans, and much more is known for its Prawn Tagine with red/white sauce, seafood soup and grilled fish.

Shamia Village restaurant

Looking to find something for your kabab craving, then this is the place for you - with a wide assortment of both meat and chicken kebabs along with authentic Arabic sides like hummus a fatoush this restaurant offers the best that you can find in Umluj.

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Modern Hadhramout Restaurant & Kitchen

If you are curious about delicious local gems, try the tasty camel meat. The menu offers the classic Mandi and Kabsah dishes as well. 

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The Port Fish Restaurant

From sea to table, this restaurant offers a selection of delicious seafood. Tip: Try the grilled fish and tagines to get the most out of the experience.

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Restaurant and Kitchen Hasan Al Bhukari

Specializes in the signature Bukhari dish, served authentically to your delight.

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