Seaside Escapes in Umluj

Seaside Escapes in Umluj

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The Saudi Arabian coastline is home to a number of diverse shores and Umluj contains the most pristine, dream-like beaches in the entire peninsula.  

  • Beaches


    On the city's coast, Umluj’s beaches can be enjoyed both publicly and at a private resort. With enough amenities to go around, this unforgettable shoreline is an accessible destination for swimmers, sunbathers, divers, and watersports aficionados.  

  • Islands


    Dotted past the shore lies over a hundred virgin islands providing perfect sightseeing opportunities. The passionate diver can marvel at coral reefs galore, the attentive animal enthusiast can watch rare birds soar and dolphins leap and modern-day explorers can enjoy vast boat tours of the virgin archipelago.  

  • Historic Architecture

    Historic Architecture

    It may be a small town, but Umluj has a rich history. Why not start with the local castle, which was fashioned in the 1500s out of limestone? Then, wandering through the old market, look out for traditional architecture, built from stone bricks and wood. 

Try Local Seafood Spreads 

With such close proximity to the beach, you would be remiss if you did not try the local seafood. Eaten typically on a sufra (on the ground), picked from a spread of freshly-caught seafood. Zaeem Al Asmak and Jareesh Omee have become cult classics, but the city is home to countless unique restaurants: one for every island. 

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