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Parks & Gardens of Yanbu

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Discover Yanbu’s parks and public spaces that are perfect for summer picnics and refreshing walks.


Yanbu Lake Park

The Lake Park is a unique spot, with plenty of greenery, a fountain and a play area for children. Beyond those, the highlight of the park is its artificial lake. It is a delight to walk over its sprawling grass patches and watch birds, like ducks and white herons, flock around the lake. In the evenings, the park is adorned with dazzling lights.

Al Subh Park 

Al Subh Park features a beachfront and green foliage where families can boat, walk, or simply experience the mesmerizing sunset. This park also has a play area for children, which makes it a perfect outing for the whole family.

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Al Fairouz Park 

One the most cherished parks in Yanbu, Al Fairouz Park has a beautiful open space with a playground for children and a walking trail carved between date palms, a flower garden, and lush sweeping lawns. The park area is also often used to host different events in the city.

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Prince Saud Bin Thunayan Athletic Park

The Prince Saud Bin Thunayan Athletic Park is particularly loved by runners and joggers for its tracks that rest against a backdrop of trees and plants. The walking trail is 2km long in addition to a separate bike path.

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Al Khadra Ladies Park (Green Park)

Located in the Sumayri district, Al Khadra park is a women-only park that has a friendly ambience and outdoor recreational activities for women and children.

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