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Enjoy the beaches dotting the coastlines of this historic merchant city

The Family Friendly Shores of Yanbu

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The city of Yanbu has a deep connection to the ancient spice trade route in the Red Sea. For years, it was a pitstop for merchants travelling along the caravan route between Egypt, Jordan and Jeddah. Modern-day Yanbu is partly known for its industrial history, but as the pearl of the Red Sea and the diving capital of Saudi Arabia, this ancient port city implores visitors to enjoy its white sand beaches and calm waters. 

Barracuda Beach

Barracuda Beach, situated along the coral reef chain off the coast of Yanbu, is a garden of underwater passages that serve as a glorious backdrop for fishing and knockout snorkeling. As you fin south, you’ll discover stunning coral blooms, squirrelfish, schools of barracuda, sharks, and red snapper. Dive below the sea and meet the Bigeye, Dog­tooth and Bonito tuna. 

Tip: The best time to go for snorkeling and diving is late afternoon as the sun shines over the splendid coral. 

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Yanbu Al Bahr Beach 

This beach offers lots of seaside fun with fantastic views of the Red Sea. It boasts horse riding as well as occasional water sport activities including jet-skiing, scuba diving and sailing. Families are recommended to picnic at the beach and join the Yanbuanis who often come prepared with buckets and spades to build sandcastles!

Yanbu Waterfront

Calm, clean, and wonderfully sandy, the Yanbu Waterfront offers a great getaway experience. This local favorite includes playground facilities as well as ice cream and food kiosks. Expect memorable picnics and gentle splashing along the waterfront shores.

Yanbu Lake

The Yanbu Lake is a popular spot surrounded by flora and fauna – it is a beautiful place to stroll along the promenade. Here, you can fish and birdwatch. This is a great place for nature lovers and those wanting to introduce their children to wildlife observation.

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Al-Subh beach park 

This beach is absolutely picturesque and has a family-friendly atmosphere. Whilst swimming is not allowed at the AlSubh beach, it is still a great spot to catch the sunrise. 

Alaiqh Beach

Alaiqh Beach has it all! Miles of beach stretched as far as the eye can see, this shoreline is kitted with activity essentials for families and kids, from picnics spots, horse riding, camel riding, quad biking, and much more.  

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AlNawras Beach   

Stretching 11kms along the Industrial City of Yanbu, this beach is a jewel among Saudi’s finest beaches. Ideal for long walks and sunsets, this is also a recommended spot for fishing enthusiasts. 

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