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Jeddah Day Trips

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Reaching the most astonishing places and enjoying the outdoor fresh breeze start in Jeddah. You can plan and gather ideas for short tours outside the city. In this article, you will find our recommendations for nearby coastal areas and the best relaxation sites to enjoy the splendor of nature.

A Nice Beach for the Best Memories


This day-long tour of Thuwal, about an hour and a half from Jeddah, will sure be a favorite spot for natural explorers. From the vitality of Jeddah and endless activity options to the serenity and simplicity of nature. Thuwal Beach has gorgeous golden and soft sand with palm trees spread along it. Phone charging points are also scattered everywhere, to relax, spend time and engage with family and friends in various activities, such as: fishing, due to its proximity to the central fish market which guarantees delicious and fresh seafood dishes that come directly from the sea.


You can organize diving trips along the coast that suit your time and budget, or you can return to the city and enjoy its numerous entertaining options.

Hidden Valley Gems


An artistically integrated natural masterpiece, Hawiyat Namar is an astonishing campsite that is 3 hours away from Jeddah and requires an SUV to access the area. You will be amazed by its mountaineering ground, prepared for the finest journey, where the experience of walking peacefully around its flowing river surrounded by greenery will inspire you! It is an area far from all forms of urbanization, and close to every pure and spiritual activity.

Gold and Salt Village


Dhahban is a small town with a vintage character that is about 20 km from Jeddah. It is famous for its seaside resorts and its unique atmosphere that combines the hustle and bustle of cities and the tranquility of villages. The village’s simplicity and leisure attract its beach-goers. Learn about its local park and spend a cool, clear day to recharge your energy for the week ahead.

The Vibrant City


Try a delicious lunch at one of the restaurants in King Abdullah Economic City facing one of the world's most wonderful beaches. It's about 20 minutes away from Thuwal, and about two hours away from Jeddah. You will be captivated by the city’s beauty wherever you look! To enjoy the activities it has to offer, you need to book here. The city’s beach attracts travelers for swimming or diving, and many sport activities are available such as volleyball, and the playgrounds are distributed along it. Within this city, there are many other fun options, such as shopping or relaxing in one of its cafes.