Planning the Perfect Trip to Al Ahsa

Planning the Perfect Trip to Al Ahsa

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So, you’ve decided to give it a go and are ready to head out on your first trip to Al Ahsa? Wait! There’re a few things you’ll need to know before hitting the road. In this article we’ll discuss planning the smoothest trip to Al Ahsa on your first - but definitely not last - visit.

How to get there

From Riyadh the most ideal way to get to Al Ahsa is by train, tickets are SAR55-65 (US$15-17 dollars) and the trip takes around two hours and 10 minutes. By plane, a direct trip from most major airports takes around an hour and ticket prices are SAR525-900 (US$140-240). It’s also a fun road trip getting there by car; the fastest route from downtown Riyadh to Hofuf takes around three hours and 20 minutes.

Planning the Perfect Trip to Al Ahsa


Starting from downtown Riyadh on Olaya Street, take King Fahd Road then at Rabat Square turn right and continue onto Northern Ring Road (route 40/80M) across Astronaut Square then continue through Dammam Road, take the exit onto route 522 across Khurais then merge onto route 75 on Riyad Road and you’ve arrived at Hofuf.

Planning the Perfect Trip to Al Ahsa


A weekend would be enough time for you to experience the best sites in Al Ahsa, from relaxing at Al Ahsa Oasis to exploring and shopping at Souq Al Qaisariya and much more!
Additionally, from Hofuf it takes an hour by car to reach Al Khobar, where you can visit the Sci-Tech Center or about an hour and 40 minutes to go off-roading in Al Qatif.

Planning the Perfect Trip to Al Ahsa

Store availability

Along the way you’ll find many gas stations, rests and grocery stores to stock up during your trip.


Be sure to enjoy the sand dunes along the Riyadh-Qatar route as you’re passing by!

Planning the Perfect Trip to Al Ahsa

Climate and average temperature

The dry, tropical climate makes for a long summer and relatively cold winter. At its hottest Al Ahsa temperature rises to a 38°C average in July, and drops to its coldest at a 16°C average in January. Best time to visit would be in March when the weather is moderately cool and breezy with clear skies.