Visit sensational Saudi during the World Cup

Experience more of Arabia

Football chants and cheers will reverberate across the Peninsula when the world cup begins in Qatar later this month. But visitors will notice that all this passion lingers in the air long after a goal is scored in this year’s world cup. That’s because, for the first time in history, the world’s largest and most-anticipated football tournament is being played in Arabia. Embark upon a journey to experience more of Arabia by planning a trip to Saudi, Qatar’s next-door neighbor. Saudi welcomes all Hayya Card holders; now, everyone can apply for an e-visa when holding a Hayya Card and enjoy staying in Saudi for up to 60 days! Saudi is a destination like no other: Home to six UNESCO World Heritage Sites, impressive modern cities, art, culture, history and hospitality, there’s something for every football fan.

Take shuttle flights between Saudi and Qatar for the World Cup

Whether you schedule your Saudi adventure before, during or after football matches at the world cup, you can travel with ease from Saudi to Qatar thanks to quick and efficient shuttle flights. Why not catch your favorite football match, then fly over to Saudi to celebrate your win in Riyadh, the country’s bustling capital. Replace world cup action with world-class museums, dining, and shopping. Or, take the edge off world cup losses by traveling to the Edge of the World in Saudi? 

    Visit Saudi and enjoy daily shuttle flights to see world cup football matches in Doha

Experience Saudi During the World Cup

Once you leave the football arena, you may be in the mood to discover a different type of thrill. With any kind of terrain you could want, from rugged mountains to undulating seas and, of course, serene sand and desert, Saudi offers numerous diversions. If world cup football has left you feeling energized, consider outdoor sports like ziplining and hiking in Asir National Park. If calm is what you’re craving, a dip in the Red Sea might be everything you need to unwind. If the adrenaline rush of a world cup football match is what you’re after, consider dune-bashing in the desert. Come for the football, stay for the adventure.

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