Cities in Saudi: Hail
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Exploring Hail

Ciudad de la provincia de Hail

The city of Hail

Surrounded and full of history

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The sights of Hail

  • Explore Al Nafud Desert

    Explore Al Nafud Desert

    Sitting on the edge of Al Nafud Desert, no trip to Hail would be complete without a visit to these majestic red sands. The Hail region is home to rock art now classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Discover traces of what life was like more than 10,000 years ago through the inscriptions and petroglyphs just outside of Hail in Jubbah at Jabal Umm Sinman and Shuwaymis at Jabal Al Manjor. Adventure seekers might also enjoy camping, dune bashing or sand surfing in the sands right outside the city.

  • Castle Hop

    If you see three castles, you’ve made it to the center of the city. A’arif Fort, Barzan Castle and Al Qishlah Castle are each worth stopping by, but if you have to pick only one, look up. Perched atop a peak, A’arif Fort is the oldest of the three and offers the best viewpoint over the city. A’arif has also been used as the meeting place to view the Ramadan moon and fire the iftar cannon to signal an end to the day’s fasting.

  • Ha’il Souq

    Souq and Market Shopping

    Also directly in the center of town, the Hail Souq sells fruits, vegetables and the kingdom’s favorite — dates — as well as handmade crafts such as clay pots and woven mats. For those seeking souvenirs, this traditional souq should be on your itinerary. Alternatively, head east of the city’s center to search for hidden treasures at the Hail Flea Market — one of the kingdom’s last proper flea markets.

Travel tips

  • Where to stay
    Choose from the centrally located Holiday Villa Hail with its on-site restaurants and garden, or the 5-star luxury Millennium Hail Hotel Saudi Arabia, which is about 15 kilometers north of the city center and features three restaurants as well as spas and swimming pools for men and women.
  • Restaurants in Hail
    Inside a historic mud-brick building, sit on colorful cushions at low tables at At-Turathy Restaurant where you’ll be surrounded by local art, crafts and artifacts or, for a casual family-friendly vibe, savor fresh seafood at one of Al-Marsaai’s two Hail locations.
  • Rent a car
    Car rentals are available at Hail Airport from Best Rent a Car and Europcar and in town from Budget, located off of King Abdul Aziz Road.
  • Where to have fun
    Plan a day trip from Hail to the Shammar Mountain area, where you can plan a hike, look for wildlife such as the Nubian mule deer and explore the preserved ruins of the palace once home to the famous Arabian poet Hatim Al Tai.
  • Learn more
    The Hail Museum’s permanent exhibition covers each historical period of the region to today along with a gallery highlighting local and regional natural resources.

—Lisa Zimmermann

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