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La cultura del café está arraigada en las comunidades árabes de todo el mundo y Riad no es la excepción. Pero atrás quedaron los tiempos en los que una cafetería de Arabia Saudí equivalía a unos cuantos hombres ancianos dejando pasar las horas en torno a una olla de qahawa (café saudí tradicional).

Hoy en día, Riad alberga algunas de las cafeterías más modernas del reino; lugares en los que baristas con barba sirven café gourmet con un origen tan complejo que necesitaría su propia biografía, y brunches dignos de reyes llegan en platos perfectamente decorados para esa foto de Instagram.

Bienvenido al mundillo de las cafeterías de Riad. Aquí le presentamos seis de las mejores de la capital.

Five Elephants

Five Elephants

We love the signature black and white murals in this coffee-lovers joint on King Abdul Aziz Road, which also serves up great brunch dishes. Our personal favourite is the savoury Eggs Benedict, although if you prefer something sweeter, don't overlook the fluffy, American-style pancake stacks. The achingly-cool industrial look goes hand-in-hand with a friendly buzz, and the coffee here is on a par with any of Riyadh’s top gourmet caffeine joints. All of which makes Five Elephants the kind of boutique café we’ll keep returning to.

Local dishes presented on a table

Tao Bistro

It is all about the Mediterranean, mezze-style spreads at Tao Bistro, a chic eatery in Riyadh's Nojoud Mall. Grilled halloumi, hummus, olives, shakshuka and fluffy falafel are among the delicious bite-size meals served up in tin ramekins on an Indian thali-like tray, flanked with fresh bread. Tao’s interior décor appears to have been inspired by a combination of something French and Louis, and something Japanese, with blooms of cherry blossom suspended above the table. Either way, combined with the relaxing music and low-level conversation, the café has an appealingly chilled ambience.

Hotel lobby with art deco interior

Ritz Carlton

One of Riyadh’s most luxurious hotels, the Ritz Carlton is also home to some of the city’s most elegant and refined cafés, and well worth the trip out west of the capital. At these prices, it will no doubt be for a special treat. The gourmet coffee served here is sourced from one of the kingdom’s leading roasteries and then ‘cold-dripped’ for almost an entire day before it is served. Sit in any one of six sumptuous, almost regal spaces that evoke European romanticism, Japanese chic and understated elegance, as you tuck into a delectably refined menu prepared by some of the country’s leading chefs.

Mezze presented on a table

White Garden Café

Faux blossoming trees, and elegant shabby-chic furnishings create a refreshing atmosphere in this low-lit little café close to the city centre. The lightness of the menu, especially the huge salads, and some of the more creative spins, like taco shawarma and avocado hummus, make this a great choice for a spot of lunch.

Locals in a café

Elixir Bunn

One of the capital’s very first specialist coffee venues, Elixir is run by passionate baristas who love to do quirky and creative things with their coffee. Beans are roasted on site, and the interior has a predictably stripped back look with lots of sharp, linear angles. But Elixir isn’t just about the caffeine hits; this is also one of our favourite dessert spots. Don’t think about ordering a cortado without a slab of pecan pie to go with it.

Al Masaa Café terrace

Al Masaa Café

Whether it is night or day, be sure to ask for a seat facing out towards the Kingdom Center: the view is the primary reason for coming to Al Masaa, located right in the heart of the capital. Actually, there are several other good reasons to pay a visit, like the excellent coffee, the delicious lunch menu, and the super refreshing mocktails. There’s nothing quite like a virgin mojito, sipped while sat in the shade of Riyadh’s most iconic building.

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